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Caucasian male with brown hair and a short brown beard wearing a light blue dress shirt in a large cold storage facility

Dallas Management Head Shots at a Live Construction Site

Head shots often tie into our businesses and our pursuits in life, so while I love getting to work with clients in photo studios, it’s always a breath of fresh air to get to shoot on location at a client’s place of business.

These gentlemen reached out to me to come document them on site at a cold storage facility that was under construction in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and did a bit of a double take when I was asked to put on a proper hard hat for safety reasons!

Two of these guys had just come up from Austin to see the progress of the facility, so it was an ideal day to get them all together to both knock out head shots and have a bit of fun exploring the cavernous building.

The most visually striking part was the huge, crisscrossing blue and orange scaffolding that you see in the bottom photos. You can find interesting geometry and artistic options anywhere! You just have to know where/how to look for them.

Four Caucasian males in hard hats and business casual attire standing in a cold storage facility that is currently under construction
A Caucasian male wearing a blue jacket in front of a long row of storage scaffolding in a cold storage facility
Four Caucasian males wearing business casual attire standing in front of rows of storage scaffolding in a cold storage facility
Photography couple wearing hard hats and jackets outside in front of the sky at a construction site

And to cap it off, here’s Nick and I with our hard hats – ready for action!

If you have a unique business location that needs head shots and/or branding, I’d love to come out on site to get to document you and your work! You can contact me here.