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Dallas Event Photographer; A wide shot of the event venue, The Factory in Deep Ellum, with multiple event tables and centerpieces in the foreground and the stage, DJ booth, and projection screen in the background

Dallas Morning News’s Endorsed Top 100 Places to Work

The Dallas Morning News and the media marketing company, medium giant, reached out to me to help capture and cover their “Top 100 Places to Work” event. Given the scope and scale of the DFW metroplex, the quality of businesses and employees in attendance was quite a sight to behold!

It was a great evening filled with food, drinks, activities, and plenty of awards to go around. My main goal was to capture the essence and vibe of the event and was asked to largely focus on candid photos. (I naturally had to capture some “grip ‘n grins” as well since people tend to jump into a group pose when they see me and my arsenal of gear!)

The biggest factor of successfully capturing this event was the room itself: The Factory in Deep Ellum in Dallas, which was pretty amazing to work both onstage and backstage given some of the astounding artists I’ve seen perform there (e.g. the prodigious Jacob Collier!). Event spaces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and sometimes you’ll run into a big, dark, cavernous room like the one for this event. Looks great in real life, but it can be a challenge to photograph if you’re not prepared! Fortunately, I always pack more gear than necessary, so I can adjust my lighting to any situation thrown my way.

Do you or your company have a big event coming up in 2023? If so, I’d love to help capture all the energy, excitement, and memories that you and your company will make during it! You can reach out to me here.

A wide shot of the event venue, The Factory in Deep Ellum, with multiple event tables and centerpieces in the foreground and the stage, DJ booth, and projection screen in the background
A close up photo of one of the event tables featuring a table number, drink coasters, and a light up cube centerpiece featuring the company, medium giant
A candid shot of multiple individuals conversing around balloons, light up chairs, light up pillars, and other event decorations
A brown, wood paneled wall with a projection of the event name, Top 100 Places to Work, and the two companies who put the event on, The Dallas Morning News and medium giant
A man and woman DJ standing and working behind a colorful DJ booth while both wearing black and headphones
Event guides, buttons, pencils, and stickers from the media company, medium giant, sitting on a white table
A focused image of the event dinner salads with a fork resting on the vegetable greens
Four fashionable women smile and pose while sitting on glowing chairs behind an event table and in front of an event banner
A male digital artist smiling and drawing another male who is facing towards him and his artist materials
Two men and three women smiling and posing in front of the event space and tables
A woman in a skirt and jacket, a woman in a dress, and two men in suits holding drinks in front of the event bar and smiling and posing
Five women laughing and smiling and looking off to the side while standing behind an event table
Nine individuals posing and smiling in front of an event table
A candid photo of a bearded caucasian man in a white shirt and grey jacket smiling and sitting at a table
A caucasian man in jeans and a blazer and a caucasia woman in a black top and beige skirt standing on stage, smiling, and holding up their arms in celebration in front of a projector screen
Four event guests in the foreground celebrating with hand signs, clapping, and cheering
Two caucasian males in grey and plaid suits holding an award plaque in front of a media event wall.