We’re committed to a safe environment where all are welcome and everyone is celebrated. We’re going to make you comfortable while you’re in front of the camera, whether you’re a professional model or it’s your first time being professionally photographed.

We pride ourselves in our capability of balancing a professional atmosphere and approachable, fun-loving personalities to create a photoshoot ambience where everyone feels comfortable.

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The Society of Wedding Professionals is an amazing community of wedding vendors of all sorts that I've had the good fortune to be a member of for almost five years. During the past decade, I've tried to join and network with other photographer/wedding groups but have never felt the same level of acceptance, help, and friendship that I've found with SWP. So when they asked me to come and photograph one

Thanks to the local Fort Worth music scene, I've known Brandon for over a decade. He's played bass in many different local bands and continues to pursue music around DFW. He reached out to me awhile back to schedule a portrait session to both have updated head shots and to also act as a self confidence boost. I love being able to use my work to have a positive, emotional impact

I had been aware of Lucero Cervantes and her great photography for awhile but finally got a chance to get to know her when we met at a Society of Wedding Professionals networking event. She reached out to me to ask if I could take some head shots and branding photos for her. I was naturally happy to make it happen! Lucero's main goals were to have me create some traditional

The Dallas Morning News and the media marketing company, medium giant, reached out to me to help capture and cover their "Top 100 Places to Work" event. Given the scope and scale of the DFW metroplex, the quality of businesses and employees in attendance was quite a sight to behold! It was a great evening filled with food, drinks, activities, and plenty of awards to go around. My main goal was

Life is hard and has been hard for so many these past few years. However, life can be (and has been) especially hard for women recently. This is where Elizabeth Kupferman of Advanced Bitches comes in to shine and wave her magic wand (figuratively and literally!). As a licensed professional counselor, Elizabeth focuses on advanced personal growth and the idea that when you do the work, "

Smart City Locating has offices all around Texas (and a number of places across the country), and I had the good fortune to get to travel all around the Lone Star State to get to photograph all the employees of the various offices. I certainly enjoy capturing individuals at their most professional, but Smart City wanted to take a different approach. They wanted to have employees bring props that would help