We’re committed to a safe environment where all are welcome and everyone is celebrated. We’re going to make you comfortable while you’re in front of the camera, whether you’re a professional model or it’s your first time being professionally photographed.

We pride ourselves in our capability of balancing a professional atmosphere and approachable, fun-loving personalities to create a photoshoot ambience where everyone feels comfortable.

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Head shots often tie into our businesses and our pursuits in life, so while I love getting to work with clients in photo studios, it's always a breath of fresh air to get to shoot on location at a client's place of business. These gentlemen reached out to me to come document them on site at a cold storage facility that was under construction in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. I

Do you have a headshot or brand session booked, and are wondering how to best prepare? Here are some basic tips to prepare for your head shot or brand session: Stay hydrated, and try to rest well the night before.Make sure you wear something you feel confident AND comfortable in; this energy absolutely comes through in pictures!For a traditional business look, classic dark colors are a good choice. It's best to

Branding photography is important! You started a business, and that’s awesome. Congratulations! Air high fives, confetti, and all the good things. So, now what? You’ve done the hard part and gotten started, but no one knows you exist yet. Or maybe you’ve been in business for a good bit, but feel like you need a jumpstart. Between the ongoing explosion of social media, the comfort of doing everything from your